New York, NY — For the third consecutive year, Donald J. Trump has won Modern Virility Magazine‘s “Most Fuckable Man,” winning the honor over 100 other entries. When first chosen in 2017, just months after his inauguration, editor Kace Doggel cited Mr. Trump’s “popularly with suburban women voters who found his tough-guy posturing attractive, and American men’s desire to be more like the 45th President.”

This year, under the editorship of former Trump Foundation executive vice president Karen Haste, Modern Virility Magazine said President Trump “exemplifies all that is good and strong about America. And that both women and men would love to fuck him.”

“If anything, President Trump’s likeability has continued to grow over the past three years,” said Ms. Haste referring to the strength of his political base. “Not only is he number one in our annual survey, what’s fascinating is that the runner-ups gladly bowed out of the contest in reverence for President Trump.”

According to Ms. Haste, rounding out the top five, “most fuckable male Americans” included Kiss’s Gene Simmons, Kid Rock, Antonio Sabato Jr., Jon Voight, and number 2, Stephen Baldwin. Recently Antonio Sabato Jr. disclosed that his career had tanked after he went public with his support for Donald Trump, although critics say his career has been dead and buried for at least a decade, maybe longer.

Before President Trump’s nomination and subsequent wins, the magazine chose Vladimir Putin in 2016 for his “international savvy,” In 2015, he picked Hillary Clinton with what many saw as a chauvinistic slur. Ms. Clinton rebuked the award and returned the plaque given to her by then editor Kace Doggel.

Several liberal groups, including the National Organization for Women (NOW), the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), and the Association for Renaissance Martial Arts (ARMA), released a joint statement condemning the contest calling it “ridiculous and divisive” but also calling on President Trump to denounce it.

ARMA, who has a history of inappropriately intruding into protests where it doesn’t belong, went the furthest, insisting that Trump speak “in thy Queen’s proper tongue, squire” when addressing the nation “henceforth out.”

When news of the selection reached President Trump, the leader of the free world took the award in stride.

“Well, it’s not a surprise, really,” said Mr. Trump during a joint Oval Office news conference with the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda. “I mean, women want to be with me, and men want to be just like me. It’s always been this way. Who wouldn’t want to be? I’m an exuberant young man.”

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