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Milwaukee Police Officer Shoots; Hits Unarmed Black Teen from Way Downtown

For 13 seasons with the Milwaukee Police Department, Officer Klexter has personified hustle, consistency and excellence in all areas of police work
For 13 seasons with the Milwaukee Police Department, Officer Klexter has personified hustle, consistency and excellence in all areas of police work

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Milwaukee, WI Once a generation or so, a police officer comes along who can truly be called a superstar. Michael Klexter is one such officer.

For 13 seasons with the Milwaukee Police Department, Officer Klexter has personified hustle, consistency and excellence in all areas of police work – as a team player, a defender, and perhaps above all else, a clutch performer.

Those skills came in handy Saturday night when Klexter was called to investigate a ‘suspicious person’ in the well-to-do Mack Acres neighborhood of north Milwaukee.

According to reports, concerned residents dialed 911 shortly after 10pm to report a black male aimlessly wandering the neighborhood between N. 102nd St. and W. Spencer. When Officer Klexter arrived on scene, the suspect took off running in the direction of W. Vera Avenue.

“He fled when he saw my cruiser,” said Klexter, still riding high on adrenaline the next day. “I had no choice but to exit my vehicle and pursue the suspect on foot.”

Officer Klexter gave chase after the subject, later identified as Alton ‘Big Paper Daddy’ Moncrief, 19, through backyards and alleyways, eventually crossing Highway 145. “When crossing the highway I noticed the suspect entering a vehicle parked outside Greenville Cemetery,” he said, “I was losing him.”

Klexter backtracked for his cruiser and was quickly in hot pursuit of Moncrief, who was now headed towards downtown Milwaukee.

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“The suspect was traveling at a high rate of speed toward the downtown district,” Klexter said, “crossing over multiple lanes of traffic. He opened up a big lead but I was able to rebound. That’s when he lost control and crashed the boards of an advertisement display, forcing him to abandon his vehicle.”

According to witnesses, Moncrief ditched the car on N. Jefferson St. and charged towards Milwaukee’s historic Third Ward.

Details become murky at this point, but according to Klexter, Moncrief brandished what appeared to be a firearm. With the suspect heading towards the upscale shopping district, Klexter had to act fast.

“I got into position, squared my shoulders and discharged one round at the suspect,” Klexter said. “I had to defuse the situation before he reached a crowd of pedestrians on N. Harbor Drive.”

The officer’s bullet grazed Moncrief’s left leg, causing him to fall and break his ankle.

“To hit a clutch shot like that is simply unbelievable,” said fellow officer, Don Dunleavy, who was called to assist Klexter. “He must have cleared three city blocks. I always knew Mike had unlimited range, but damnKlex got game.”

It was later discovered the “weapon” Moncrief was holding was actually a cell phone, throwing gasoline on an already raging inferno of misconduct allegations against the Milwaukee PD.

The victim’s mother, Maxine Moncrief, is calling for Klexter’s badge. “There’s no place in the department for people like that,” she said.

Alton, a bricklayer from nearby Mill Valley, told investigators he was out jogging; training for a walk on position at Mount Mary University. “All my boy ever dreamed about was playing college basketball. And now thanks to this trigger happy son of a bitch, my son’s dream is shattered,” said Mrs. Moncrief.

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As of right now, the Milwaukee PD is standing behind Officer Klexter.

Disgraced Milwaukee County Sheriff, David A. Clarke, told reporters an investigation will prove Klexter’s actions were justified. “This family has known ties to the terrorist organization Black LIES Matter, so all you deadbeats and snowflakes getting your little protest signs ready, well, I’d advise you all to just stay home. I will not tolerate any civil unrest in my city. You try pulling any of that ‘hands up don’t shoot’ shit and you’ll be hauled off to jail. That I can promise you.”

Clarke continued, “Officer Klexter is a celebrated 13 year veteran of the force, having earned multiple awards including rookie of the year and was voted MVP (Most Valuable Policeman) by his fellow officers three years in a row.”

Moncrief was treated for his injuries and later booked into the Milwaukee County Jail. He will be arraigned on unspecified charges Tuesday morning. He’s currently being held without bail or access to drinking water.

This is a developing story…

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