Rob Remus of APART.
Rob Remus of APART.

It’s been a busy 2016 for APART (Armed Patriots Against Radical Terrorists) militia leader Rob Remus, who first gained national attention after his platoon of self-proclaimed “patriots” conducted a pre-dawn raid against what they believed to be a “terrorist training camp” run by the Islamic activist group, Muslims of America (MOA). After a 10-hour standoff, the militia was ordered to stand down after local and federal authorities threatened the group with felony trespassing and weapons charges, a move that angered many in the patriot community and generated an outpouring of sympathy for Rob and his gang of vigilante mountain men.

“It’s tough when you’re fighting against a tyrannical government infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood,” says Remus. “I thank The Lord that Mr. Trump has been chosen to tear down and rebuild the republic. When they’re all tried for treason I will personally be there to drink it all in.”

If Rob seems angry, it’s because he is.

“I’ve been pissed off my entire life,” he says, “I just try to filter that anger into a positive force for liberty.” Remus’ anger recently got the better of him inside a popular local restaurant, leading to an embarrassing arrest and community service. “I don’t want to talk about that,” he said when pressed for more details.

APART’s next “mission” (as they are commonly referred to) was to set up “poll squads to monitor voting locations throughout the state of Virginia for any “suspicious activity” or “dirty tricks” on election day. Militia members were immediately escorted off the premises by election officials with one high ranking “warrior” busted after law enforcement found he had outstanding warrants for owing over seven thousand dollars in past due child support. “They run us off and guess what? Hillary wins the state of Virginia,” says APART “dark horse” Del Wilkes. “What a coincidence ‘eh?”

Next it was off to Portland, OR, to aid local law enforcement against “Soros funded agitators” and “illegals” protesting Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton. However, Portland PD did not appreciate APART’s efforts to make citizen’s arrests and detained the crew overnight before setting them free with a warning to never visit the city again. “F*ck that place,” said Remus, “I knew Portland was full of libtards (sic) but my God…what a sh*thole.”

Jason Dant, leader of APART’s “extension” chapter in Nevada County, CA, is looking forward to their next mission in San Francisco, where the group plan to bring the fight to anti-Trump protesters and a liberal district attorney that turns a blind eye to vandalism, rampant drug use and illegal immigration. “San Fran is a ‘Sanctuary City’,” says Dant, “our work will be most dangerous there.”

Remus says the main purpose for the Frisco trip is to officially unveil APART’s 7-Point Plan to Defeat George Soros. Rob had originally booked the American Legion Auxiliary downtown for the special night but due to an “oversight”, the conference will now take place Saturday, Nov. 26th, at the Days Inn in Lombard starting at 7:30 p.m.

The 7-Point Plan to Defeat George Soros was developed with help from the Rundex Family Foundation (RFF), based out of Palo Alto. After months of painstaking research and intelligence gathering, Remus hopes the mainstream media, specifically Reuters TV Producer Justin Mitchell, will be on hand to document the event. “It is absolutely paramount that Mr. Mitchell gives this brilliant project the exposure it deserves,” he said.

To confirm your reservation call APART’s home office day or night at 434-533-0069.

Liberty minded individuals are urged to “like” APART’s official Facebook page to stay up to date with current events.

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