Washington, D.C. — Vice President Mike Pence commented on Fox News today that he supports investigating claims that the government is manipulating the environment with Chemtrails. Mr. Pence made his comments during a discussion about gutting the Environmental Protection Agency.

“See, that’s the thing,” said Mr. Pence discussing the dramatic spending cuts the Trump Administration plans for the EPA, “I look up just like every other American does, and I see the same things you do. Why just this morning, I saw persistent clouds streaming across the sky, and it gave me pause because the weather forecast was for clear skies. I mean, we need to look into this Chemtrail phenomenon to see what it’s all about. Who’s controlling it? And why?”

When Fox & Friends Weekend host Tucker Carlson questioned him about the scope of the EPA budget cuts, Mr. Pence continued talking about Chemtrails.

“Look, the American people want answers,” continued Mr. Pence, bristling at the question. “The government should not be involved with the heavens. That’s the domain of God and not humans. We should not be experimenting with Chemtrails. All this climate change stuff is all a part of his plan.”

The Trump administration, which is led by Mike Pence,  has not been forthcoming about its plans for the EPA other than saying he wants to abolish the agency in its entirety. On the campaign trail, Mr. Trump referred to the EPA erroneously on several occasions as the “Department of the Environmental,” often extending his malapropism to the acronym “DEP.” The naming missteps, along with his aggressive language, has many activists worried about the future of the oft-targeted agency.

Adding to activists’ fears was the recent choice by Mr. Trump of Climate change denier Andrew R. Wheeler to head the EPA, who is most famous for challenging the general scientific consensus regarding climate change. Mr. Wheeler, who worked for the coal industry, has been one of the most vocal opponents of the Clean Power Plan, which was developed by the Environmental Protection Agency.

As for Mr. Pence, who is not a scientist, nor does he have any climatology experience, he wants what the average American wants.

“See, we have a real opportunity to change things for that forgotten man and women in America’s heartland. They look up just like we do and are scared for their future.”

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