Mexico City, Mexico — Mexican President Andrés Obrador expressed support for the Impeachment inquiry and eventual trial of President Donald J. Trump over the weekend. Obrador said that he and his country would be willing to do “whatever it takes to move the process along.”

“With the exorbitant costs involved in running the US government and financial and political pressures in Washington mounting,” said President Obrador speaking of the news developments in the United States over the weekend, “Mexico has agreed to alleviate some of the burdens the US faces by agreeing to pay for the costs of impeachment.”

President Donald Trump’s signature campaign promise—a wall between the United States and Mexico—and reports of family separations and migrant children imprisoned without soap or blankets, the border has been one of the most talked-about stories of 2019. Part of Trump’s promise to the American people is that Mexico would pay for the wall. A claim that many, including the President’s supporters,, said was not only unrealistic but also a little on the crazy side.

Trump had tweeted on Tuesday morning that it was a “promising development” until a few aides close to him calmly made it clear what it meant, as well as how it could impact relations between the countries, which share over 2,000 miles of border and prostitutes.

It’s unclear how much Mexico is willing to underwrite the impeachment process, but according to President Obrador, “money is no barrier.”

“We love the United States and its form of government. It’s the envy of the world,” continued Obrador. “It has so many checks and balances to help root-out dangerous and damaging rulers. We will contribute whatever it takes to ensure that the US government has all the resources it needs.”

An insider close to Trump said that President initially declared victory, assuming that the Mexican assistance was directed towards his wall.

“The President was excited when he learned about the money,” said an anonymous White House aide. “He was walking around the oval office telling anyone who’d listen that ‘he was right all along.” Several people tried to tell the President that this was not good news, and he just brushed them off saying ‘you’re not paying attention again, Mike.'”

The White House had no official response to the Mexican announcement.

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