Megadeth/Bernie Sanders to Join Forces at Hillary Clinton Rally

Bernie Sanders and Megadeth

Macon, GA — As the November election approaches, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has just been greeted with another round of good news. The pioneering heavy metal band Megadeth has offered to play at an upcoming  Hillary Clinton rally on Saturday, October 22nd in Stone Mountain, Georgia, and the Clinton campaign has enthusiastically accepted. Joining Megadeth on stage will be Bernie Sanders.

“This is a great opportunity for us to demonstrate the diversity of people who believe in a Clinton presidency,” said spokesperson Chris Adler, awkwardly forming a set of horns with his fingers for the cameras.

Megadeth front-man Dave Mustaine was open about the profound role Sanders has played in his stormy life.

“For years I held on to such an intense anger. I could feel it eating my insides. So I drank to get away. It took me decades to hit rock bottom, and then I bounced to fundamentalist Christianity and went completely off the deep end, even announcing at a show that Obama staged a mass shooting to take away guns,” he explained, sighing. “After that I knew my meds were wrong. I went to my doctor and we played with combinations and dosages until I stabilized.”

Mustaine shook visibly as he continued, “My whole life I’ve been tossed around, too weak to stand without a crutch. First alcohol, then religion. The things I see Hillary doing though, it’s unbelievable. It’s inspirational. I want to be part of the team that helps people instead of hiding behind my couch with a gun, muttering to an invisible man and hoping things magically get better. This is a crutch I can really stand behind.”

Clinton took a moment to comment on Mustaine’s journey, saying, “the young man has had it rough. He’s fought his demons, but he’s a better man. I believe in him, and I am proud to have him by my side. Peace sells, and the American people are buying!”

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