Mobile, AL — Following a Ted Cruz campaign event, as many as 20 young adults broke in a mass hysteria dance in front of the Mobile, Alabama downtown Catalyst Memorial Community Center. Although Senator Cruz did not speak at the event, several of his celebrity supporters did including Colorado firebrand Christian Fundamentalist pastor Kevin Swanson who finished the rally with a call to “put all gays into sackcloth and cover them with ashes and cow dung.” [Video Below]

Kevin Swanson is a fundamentalist Christian, Religious Conservative who also hosts a radio show called “Generations with Vision.” He is generally considered a bigoted, homophobic, sexist, Islamophobic, extremist who has said on many occasions that homosexuals should get the death penalty.

As he finished his speech, he called for young people to summon the Holy Spirit to ravage what he called, “the Jesus-less socialist scourge which is destroying America.” He directed the voting age teenagers to “call Jesus now into your lives.” Shortly afterwards, several teenagers emerged from them the Community Center and exhibited psychotic behavior. Police were not called, although three teens were taken to Providence Hospital Center after sustaining head injuries from collisions with pillars and the driveway.


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