Man Rescues Alpaca from Locked Hot Car
Chrysler Minivan damaged

Penn Valley, CA — A Penn Valley man has come to the rescue of an alpaca that was locked in a car at Bridgeport on Friday. The alpaca was located in a 2002 Chrysler Minivan in the parking lot while it’s owner, Tony Corning of Marysville, CA, lounged along the banks of the Yuba River.

The rescuer of the alpaca chose to remain anonymous but did tell Gish Gallop, “I saw this poor thing trapped in the car. So I broke the middle  side window with my Thermos, opened the door and released the alpaca. I can’t believe people would do this to a defense-less animal.”

Unfortunately, after the alpaca was released the animal fled the parking lot and was then hit and killed by a fast-moving aquamarine Ford Gran Torino which was speeding towards the North San Juan Ridge on Pleasant Valley Road. The driver of the Gran Torino did not stop, but witnesses described it as run-down and having a broken left tail light. The Sheriff’s Department is investigating.

Mr. Corning gave Gish Gallop a different account. “I take Zillow [Mr. Corning’s alpaca] everywhere with me. And I’m no dummy. I always leave the air conditioner running and Mozart playing.”  Mr. Corning continued, “Now Zillow is gone. What kind of moron would do this?”

Zillow, the alpaca in question

Summers in Nevada County can be hot, very hot, reaching temperatures close to 100° F (38° C). Humans have options for cooling off in the sweltering heat but animals do not. This is especially true of animals locked in sealed automobiles where temperatures can reach upwards of 140°F. Animal welfare officials urge people not to leave any creature in a locked car at any time during the year.

“I had a sign in the window saying my alpaca ‘is OK and that the air conditioner is on,'” an upset Mr. Corning said. “And the car was running. I’ll never be able to find another one like her.”

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