Man 1/16th Native American Angry At White People

Sunny "Sun Bear" Thomas, shares the same resentment towards white people.
Sunny “Sun Bear” Thomas, shares the same resentment towards white people.

Phoenix, AZ — There has been resentment in the Native American community towards whites for centuries ever since European settlers came, and in many cases, slaughtered natives and stole their lands. That resentment continues today as white people complain about immigration, as they are themselves immigrants.

Sunny “Sun Bear” Thomas, shares the same resentment towards white people. He has fallen in to self-hatred after learning that he, himself is 99% European and .61% Native Navajo Indian.

Sun Bear, as he now prefers to be called, spoke to Gish Gallop about the Native American struggles, from his suburban Phoenix home.

“My people have been persecuted for years by…. my people,” said an emotional Sun Bear. “I don’t know myself anymore. Part of me wants to help on the reservation, the other part wants them to get a job!”

Sun Bear is now seeing a Navajo medicine man to reconcile his inner struggle. He will participate in a Pow Wow next week with his other new 1/32nd Native friends.

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