Biarritz, France — Sources close to President Trump said the leader of the free world is enraged after he learned that his entourage was given the wrong location to the upcoming G7 Summit in France. One aide, who asked to remain anonymous, said Mr. Trump was confused when Air Force One landed on a remote airstrip in Aleppo, Syria.

“I don’t know what happened, but we’re going to get to the bottom of this,” shouted President Trump over the din of the 747 engines. “President Macron specifically told me that the G6 meeting was going to be in Syria. Which seemed like a good idea to me.”

The 45th G7 summit will be held on August 24–26, 2019, in Biarritz, France, not Syria. Airforce One landed in Syria late this afternoon, and when no one came to meet the President as he made is way off the plane, he became confused and suspicious.

“President Trump just looked around for the press or somebody to greet him,” continued the anonymous aide, “and he just stood there looking around for about 5 minutes when he started to yell for KellyAnne [Conway]. She was hiding in the plane and didn’t want to deal with the situation.”

President Macron Denies

President Macron’s Minister of the Press, Aimée Blanche said there was no such communication between France and President Trump.

“We know of no communication about the location of the G7 Summit. It was widely published and available to President Trump and his staff. It is some misunderstanding due to the fact he refers to it as the G6 Summit instead of the G7 Summit.”

After a few minutes, KellyAnne Conway emerged from Airforce One, hurriedly rushed down the stairs and whispered in the President’s ear. At which point, Mr. Trump grimaced and made his way back up the stairs. The plane departed immediately and landed about 3 hours later in France.

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