Los Angeles, CA — The owners of the 2nd place Los Angeles Dodgers announced today that the team is refusing a visit from President Donald Trump due to his inflammatory rhetoric. Dodger General Manager¬†Farhan Zaidi, who is Canadian born of Pakistani descent, said he was disappointed at both the President’s behavior and his lack of understanding of critical issues facing the country.

Recently, several high-profile teams and players have snubbed the President, citing his racially insensitive rhetoric as the reason. In some cases, as with the Golden State Warriors, Mr. Trump “dis-invited” them during an extended tantrum in White House. The Dodgers preemptive announcement is particular because they failed to win the World Series.

“We understand that there are questions regarding our announcement,” said Dodger spokesperson Bethany Millbright reading from a prepared statement. “This protest was planned before the World Series, so even though our fortunes didn’t work as we planned, we decided to dis-invite President Trump anyway.”

According to Dodger insiders, the team offered their rejection to the World Champion Boston Red Sox, but the team told them to “stick it where the sun don’t shine.”

Response from the President was typical.

“Going to the White House is considered a great honor for a championship team,” tweeted the President at 3 am EST this morning.¬† “The Dodgers are losers! Losers aren’t winners!”

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham, who was cornered by the press corp as she attempted to escape unnoticed through the Rose Garden, bristled at the suggestion that the President’s recent rhetoric was responsible for the Dodger’s actions.

“Look, you people in the media just can’t tell the truth,” said a visibly irritated Ms. Sanders. “I think what the President says speaks for itself.”

The Boston Red Sox are planning a trip to the White House in early November. And in an inappropriate twist, new England Patriot quarterback Tom Brady says he plans on attending with the World Series champions.

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