Artist's rendition of the proposed HAARP antenna array on Banner Mountain.
Artist’s rendition of the proposed HAARP antenna array on Banner Mountain. We said, “rendition.”

Nevada City, CA — Sources close to both the US Department of Defense and Energy have leaked a memo stating that the government might install an “energized relay-like antenna device” for their strategically important HAARP Banner Mountain location just outside the Nevada City, CA limits. The location is important due to its proximity to the Beale Air Force Base Chemtrail Disbursement Vehicles or BAFBCDV. [pronunced: Baf-buh-ca-dev]

“As the HAARP program expands given our recent successes,” noted the memo, “we need to finally move into phase 2 and begin implementing the regional energizing substations around deployment and disbursement centers. This is of particular interest for the PA-10A7 [Haldol] and PS-09B3 [climate modification via sulfur dioxide and aluminum] programs which the ‘uppers’ wants escalated.”

HAARP, or High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, is a high-powered radio transmission research facility operated primary by the United States military to disrupt the thinking of people with a 7th grade understanding of science. Along with stumbling upon a clever acronym, the Gakona, Alaska-based facility was established in 1993 to analyze the ionosphere and investigate the potential for developing ionospheric enhancement technology for radio communications and surveillance, according to the George Soros-sponsored online site Wikipedia.

Many conspiracy theorists maintain the program is an instrument for “Geoengineering” the planetary weather patterns, disabling satellites, exerting mind control over Earth’s inhabitants and garbling fast-food drive-through speakers. However most average Americans do not seem alarmed by the installation, local activists are stepping up to “wake up the sheeple.”

“Look, if they think we’re going to take this sitting down, they got another thing coming, ” said area anti-technology activist Saihra Ramun on the corner of Pine and Broad Streets in Nevada City, CA. “The solution used to be ‘just look up.’  But now we require more aggressive, non-looking action. I will use $27,000 from the city’s general fund to combat social media shills who are destroying our righteous movement. Part of the money will also be directed towards launching the ‘Nevada City Woo Worm Casing Farm and Police Abuse Gallery’ in Robinson Plaza. Tourists will flock here to see it.”

As implied earlier, according to Gish Gallop inside source, the location is strategic due to its proximity to chemtrail disbursement operations at Beale Air Force Base just outside of Marysville, CA.

“I don’t want to give away too many details,” said the insider hastily while waving his hand to the northeast sky, “but the damn jets fly over that and are at the perfect altitude for energizing. And everyone knows this shit is useless without the energizing.”

As for the timing and the exact location, the memo made no mention of that. However several locals have mentioned that the Banner Mountain lookout area is probably where it is going to be installed. On a related note, many residents just want Verizon coverage in Nevada City, and this 2.5 Megawatt transmitter will probably only make matters worse for the nearby cell towers. Area activists are also calling for the immediate termination of the 2000 watt local radio transmitter on Banner Mountain which services local radio station KVMR.

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