JJP Cube a.k.a. Lethal Chrome in his bedroom studio
JP Cube a.k.a. Lethal Chrome in his bedroom studio

Grass Valley, CA — Local hip-hop, dubstep and general techno musician “JP Cube a.k.a. Lethal Chrome” has been reduced to 45 minutes of silence after attempting to produce an “unplugged” album of his most popular songs.

“Up muthah, sup with choo,” questioned Mr. Lethal Chrome in a Gish Gallop interview. “Hit werd muthah. Yeah, I listen to Emananam, Doc Dre, Snoop, Doc Octapus, DMX, all that shit. I’m a produce-ah, bitch. Slinging blocks at phat drops. Need power tho.”

According to his long time girlfriend, Penny Beasle of Grass Valley, the 19 year old Mr. Chrome is unemployed and still living with his mother in his childhood bedroom. The idea for the unplugged album came from his mother.

“Yeah, his mom is very sweet,” commented a mousy Ms. Beasle. “She asked him to do an acoustic collection of his songs. But without his computer and his sampling keyboard, all he has is silence. JP, was like, ‘tuff page, G. I dig da pop-up windows, gangstah shittzatag yo’ [Editor’s note: Ms. Beasle started making somewhat aggressive gestures with her hands]. I have no idea what that means, but I think he means he likes the silence.”

According to sources close to the project, JP Cube Lethal Chrome’s 45 mins of Dope will be available for download, BitTorrent, Youtube or via the iTunes store. Gish Gallop has obtained a pre-release of the Mr Chrome’s new album:



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