Christopher J. Rushin of Grass Valley, CA says there's nothing but trees where Sedona, Arizona should be.

Christopher J. Rushin of Grass Valley, CA says there’s nothing but trees where Aleppo, Syria should be.

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Aleppo is not a real town! Google it and you will find out for yourself! I visited Damascus recently with my church and drove to where Aleppo was supposed to be,” said Christopher J. Rushin who currently lives in Grass Valley, California. “I’ve been ‘there,’ there’s nothing there but trees and houses and people and shit. No signs of civilization whatsoever. Just piles of rocks and spent gun shells.  And even if there was such a place, Hillary Clinton would never go there. Y’all are kidding me, right?”

Others were more philosophical about the hoax, maintaining that they might have only dreamed about the city.

“I‘ve been to Aleppo, and now that I think about it, it probably doesn’t actually exist,” commented Justin Anderson of Penn Valley, CA. “The place did seem too perfect, like a dream or something.”

Still others were a part of the conspiracy calling people who believe such things “stupid idiots.”

Recent Syrian immigrant and former truck driver Zakariyya Tawil thinks you're an idiot for believing Aleppo doesn't exist.
Recent Syrian immigrant and former truck driver Zakariyya Tawil thinks you’re an idiot for believing Aleppo doesn’t exist.

“I’m a truck driver. I live in Damascus, and I get many shipments into and out of Aleppo,” said a former Syrian truck driver  and recent immigrant Zakariyya Tawil via telephone, “As a matter of fact my wife and her family are from just outside of Aleppo and fled 5 years ago to Fresno. So for you to even state that Aleppo doesn’t exist  makes me believe you are an idiot. Or a troll. Or a Gary Johnson supporter.”

As for Mr. Wolford, he gave Gish Gallop an old “I told you so.”

“Nice try,” continued Mr. Wolford. “You thought I was making this up, didn’t ya? Well now you know what I know. As soon as you ran into someone who was a Mossad operative, they immediately start calling you an idiot for calling out the Aleppo hoax. But you get used to it after a while. Your skin gets tough with this thing I like to call ‘The Truth.'”