An earlier and failed attempt by the Union newspaper at its contrail Psy-Ops campaign in January of 2014.
An earlier and failed attempt by The Union newspaper at its contrail Psy-Ops campaign in January of 2014.

Grass Valley, CA — After an exhaustive 3 month investigation, Gish Gallop with the help of several anonymous, yet credible informants has learned that The Union, Grass Valley’s 150 year old newspaper has been infiltrated by a CIA “Psy-Ops” detachment.

“We first learned about the Psy-Ops back in October of 2014,” said black hat informant and ‘Trail brigade leader “Ted3” on a secure line. “What made us curious, is that The Union had no reports of chemtrail operations out of Beale [Air Force Base]. So we knew something was going on. But like all things with the government, it takes a long time to untangle the web of deceit.”

According to Gish Gallop sources, the Department of Defense was losing the “infowars” battle as more and more alert citizens were simply looking up and getting suspicious.

“Yeah,” continued Ted3, “the contrail misinformation game wasn’t working for the DoD and the Gates Foundation. So both groups met with the CIA in January 0f 2014 to discuss infiltrating local media outlets. At first they tried a helicopter leaflet ‘contrail’ campaign. But no one seemed to notice. Then it struck the CIA leadership to do what the government does best: nothing. So they instructed The Union to just to ignore the story. They even replaced local editors and staff writers who were more obedient to the Feds.”

Part of this non-campaign, Gish Gallop has learned, included a coordinated Facebook “trolling” campaign by paid engineers and scientists.

“The CIA hired several engineers with real math degrees,” said an agitated Ted3. “They were paid and trained to interrupt concerned Facebook citizens and overwhelm them with math and physics data. This was a Psy-sub-project called Operation Smart Bully or OSB. It turns out that Americans are easily silenced by math. That was a real eye-opener.”

Louis "Lou" Laplante, President of Gish Gallop
Louis “Lou” Laplante, President of Gish Gallop

As for the future of this infiltration, no one is sure what will happen due to the genius of the lack of coverage by The Union.

“We’ve always encouraged The Union to row harder,” said Gish Gallop President Louis “Lou” Laplante during a Tuesday morning press conference in Penn Valley. “Now that this local Psy-Ops scheme has been uncovered, the next obvious question is, what’s next? Here at Gish Gallop, we are committed to uncovering the Chemtrail conspiracy that is poisoning our skies. The Union? Will you now step up? ‘Nuff said.”

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