Jeffry Audiron is embarrassed about shit the Share button on a porn site.
Jeffry Audiron is embarrassed about selecting the Share button on a porn site.

Grass Valley, CA —  A local 32 year old Grass Valley man has accidentally hit a “share” button on the popular pornography site “”

“Well, that was embarrassing,” said Jeffry Audiron of Grass Valley in a phone interview following the event. “I normally don’t visit those sites, so I suppose the mistake is forgivable.”

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According to Mr. Audiron, the worst part about the experience is that he didn’t know that he had actually shared the material on Facebook.

“Yeah, well. So I’m going about my day,” said an embarrassed Mr. Audiron, “when I get a call on my cell from my Mother in Lincoln. She said I better check my Facebook. And that there was something that should not be there.”

Gish Gallop asked Mr. Audiron about the nature of his visit to the Adult website.

“I was doing research for a class I’m taking at Sierra College. It’s a biology class,” explained Mr. Audiron.

Mr. Audiron offer no further explanation.