Lisa Fellows of Nevada City is not a Christian Scientist.
Lisa Fellows of Nevada City is not a Christian Scientist.

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Nevada City, CA — Gish Gallop has learned that local anti-vaccine activist, mother of two children and unknowing proponent of Natural Selection Lisa Fellows is not a Christian Scientist as she has recently claimed on her children’s vaccine schedule form required by local schools. In fact, she’s not even a Christian.

According to sources close to Nevada City’s Fellows family, Ms. Fellows has never been, nor does she ever plan to be “a Christian of any sort.”

“She believes in spiritual things, but she’s definitely not a Christian,” said close friend Stacy Grant of Nevada City. “She’s not into the ‘organized’ religion thing. Heck, she’s not into organizing. Have you seen her house?”

It’s almost impossible to find a religion that has a clear anti-vaccine stance. As articles about religious schools with measles outbreaks are quick to point out, even if one spokesperson claims vaccination is against the group’s beliefs, there is always a second spokesperson who will contradict that claim.¬† In California, the religious, philosophical and “other” belief exemptions are all under the umbrella term: “Personal Beliefs Exemption” when it comes to vaccines.

Gish Gallop reached out to Ms. Fellows for a statement, and her lawyer, who is also Ms. Fellows, provided this written statement:

It’s clear that pumping these vaccines into our children is poisoning them. The vaccines not only interfere with their natural immunity, they’re being exposed to all kinds of things like mercury. And there have been numerous studies¬† linking vaccines to Autism, Morgellons disease, Downs and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Lisa Fellows is a spiritual person, not a religious one. She also believes strongly in her right to follow faiths that seem deems correct for herself and her family. Her behavior is strictly within the limits of the law.

¬†According to administrators at Yuba River Charter School, where Ms. Fellow’s children attend, they have no plans of investigating her exemption for truthfulness. Adding that the personal exemption should be enough.