A local man seen here "giving back" to the restaurant.

A local man seen here “giving back” to the restaurant.North San Juan, CA — The burgeoning farm to table movement has a new partner, and a new North San Juan restaurant has extended movement by adding the septic process to the entire dining experience.

“It’s really simple,” said The Whole Enchilada restaurant owner and recent transplant Annie “Windy” Fox, “we source produce and proteins from our garden out back, cook them here and then the garden is nourished by our septic systems. The garden is right over the leech field. You get the idea.”

Farm-to-table is a movement concerned with producing food locally and delivering that food to local consumers. Linked to the local food sourcing, the movement is promoted by some in the agriculture, food service, and restaurant communities. It may also be associated with organic farming initiatives, sustainable agriculture, and community-supported agriculture. Adding the septic element, say supporters, “closes the loop” and creates a more “holistic and bacterial-appropriate” dining experience.

Some of the menu items include:

  • Leeched Lentil Soup
  • Prairie-Dogging Dog (a locally made sage and black bean pork sausage sandwich)
  • The Navo & Sonsâ„¢ Cabbage/Brussels Sprouts bean burger
  • Anti-Vax Club Sandwich: a mercury-free triple-decker
  • And the signature dish, the 5lb Whole Enchilada® which features every high fiber item from the garden along with chile-infused grass feed beef and local cat cheese.

All items served with the house specialty broccoli and black bean salad and cheese produced from vicinity animals including cows, goats and the occasional pregnant cat.

The restaurant is offering several other innovations including 3 tables outfitted with toilets instead of traditional seats. At these tables, patrons can “do their business” as they eat.

The Whole Enchilada plans on opening in February in the abandoned Toki’s Fountain building at 29375 State Hwy 49 in North San Juan, CA. Patrons are encouraged to “use the facilities” before they leave so they can “put back that which they took” from the ecosystem, however people taking antibiotics or who have been vaccinated are discouraged from leaving a “deposit.”

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