Michael Noble is too GMO for a local Organic grocery store.
Michael Noble is too GMO for a local Organic grocery store.

Nevada City, CA — Local African-American Michael Noble was shocked today when he entered a local Organic supermarket for spices and poppy seeds, only to have the manager and an off-duty Nevada County Sheriff force him out of the store for being a “GMO”.

Noble expressed extreme surprise as well as discontentment during the incident. He told Gish Gallop about his experience.

“It was very frustrating. Even traumatizing, really, the way things turned around so quickly,” said Mr. Noble. “As Nevada County’s token Black Man, I expected that I might not be able to safely walk into an Organics store without either facing racism or awkwardness. Often times, I will be called the ‘N’ word and told to leave, whereas other times, the entire store will stop what they’re doing and try to act black for me. So this time, I thought I was just getting thrown out. They threw out some hurtful words, but I’d never heard anything as foul and hurtful as what they said to me when I asked why they were so rough.”

The manager, Steve Adleborough, had reasons beyond Noble’s skin color to justify ousting him. According to Adleborough, who has a Master’s Degree in Liberal Arts, the 45 Million African-Americans who were shipped to the Americas were selectively bred according to their physical attributes. These practices, deemed safe and moral in the late 18th century, were the beginning of an entire scientific institution called eugenics.

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