Beekeeper arrested and in chains.
Beekeeper arrested and in chains.

Drill noted how clever BHO operatives had become, speculating that the beekeeping suits were a great disguise and probably hid quarts of the stuff under the white fabric.

When the officers began their search and kicked apart the hives, the scene turned noisy and chaotic. Angry bees buzzed and swarmed the officers, stinging them under their uniforms and causing them to retreat to the MRAP. Resuming the operation after dark, officers combed through the sticky evidence, removing dozens of filled glass jars labelled “Thistle,  Elderberry, Clover and Heather.” Drill remarked that while he had never seen these types of BHO before, new types of the product were being introduced every day, making it impossible to keep up with the varieties being sold on the street. Noting the stacked cases of empty jars found near the hives, he remarked that it was a good thing this operation had been stopped, because gallons of this product would have eventually reached the street.

Jack and Volkagen were arrested on suspicion of manufacturing honey oil. They exchanged their beekeeping suits for prison jumpsuits and were being held in county jail in lieu of $45,000 each.

Gish Gallop later interviewed Nevada City attorney David Renfry, who is defending both men against the charges brought against them. Renfry noted that he is seeing an increasing number of unjustified cannabis raids throughout Nevada County, and he believes they are part of a campaign by the Sheriff to sway public opinion to garner support for a future ban on outdoor cultivation of medical marijuana. He predicted that his clients would be found innocent of all charges in this “Bee Hunt.”

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