Missoula, MT — Radio host Rush Limbaugh is in hot water today after pictures surfaced of him and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, were found cuddled up together in a booth at Lenny’s Tavern and Taxidermy in Missoula. Rush Limbaugh is currently on wife number 4 and infidelity has been alleged in previous divorces, but never with someone of high-profile.

Former Governor Palin is also married, but reportedly has grown tired of her husband being away on his sled dogs rabbit hunting.

Gish Gallop spoke with Lenny, owner, and bartender who first leaked the pictures.

“I remember them because the guy got stuck in the booth and nearly busted my table, I gave a frying pan for it at a swap meet,” said Lenny. “They were feeding each other popcorn and kissing each other, talking about doing lines of some sort. It was kinda gross, you know?”

Neither Limbaugh or Palin has made any statement about the leaked pictures.

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