A shocking leak from a Clinton Foundation insider reveals that a popular GoFundme campaign to build Trump's wall, might be fake.
A shocking leak from a Clinton Foundation insider reveals that a popular GoFundme campaign to build Trump’s wall, might be fake.

Little Rock, AR — A blockbuster leak from deep revealed that the novel GoFundMe campaign to build Donald Trump’s wall along the Mexican border is in fact a secret initiative¬†by the Clinton Foundation. The leaker, who chose not to reveal himself due to the possibility of retaliation, said that due to the loose GoFundMe rules, it was easy for the controversial foundation to fool unwitting Trump supporters into donating to Bill and Hillary Clinton.

“Hillary has been trying to undermine Trump for a long time,” said the Clinton Foundation insider who chose to remain anonymous. “She’s¬†been successful, but she wanted to stick it to the Deplorables. That’s how the GoFundme thing came about last week.”

According to the source, not only did the Clintons want to take Trump supporter’s money and use it for their purposes, but they wanted to shame them for their complete lack of understanding of fiscal processes work in the government.

“The thing about GoFundme, is that anyone can start a campaign and no one ever checks,” continued the source, “it allowed them to take money from Trump supporters for their foundation.”

How Did We Get Here?

The “We The People Will Fund The Wall” GoFundMe campaign was started earlier this week when it became clear that incoming Democrats were not going to support President Trump’s efforts to build a large security fence along the Mexican border. The Clinton Foundation created a series of fake Facebook and Twitter accounts, and even went as far to create a fake accounts to pose as the sponsors. #GoFundTheWall is now the top trending hashtag on social media.

Prior to this revelation, critics of the GoFundMe campaign pleaded with contributors to reconsider their donations as the money would not go directly to the wall, but into the Federal Government’s general fund where it would be spent on other projects.

“The irony of this GoFundMe thing,” said the University of Chicago’s Professor James Badwater, “Is that any money they raise could go to fund things like Planned Parenthood and other things many Trump supporters would find distasteful.”

As of this writing, the Clinton Foundation’s claims have not been verified. GoFundMe has not responded to requests for comment.

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