Odds makers have a line on a Trump.
Odds makers have a line on a Trump.

Las Vegas, NV — Sports books around Las Vegas began posting odds today on various happenings for the GOP convention in Cleveland that begins on Monday. According to the casinos we spoke to, betting is surprisingly high considering a political convention is not a usual and customary feature in a sports book.

“We have had a constant flow of clients laying down bets on the convention,” chuckled Caesar’s odds maker Jimmy “The Nose” Cipriani. “We posted the odds on the board this morning as a joke. People did seem to find it funny, but they all wanted a piece of the action. Next thing we know, we’ve got a line out the door and all the other casinos are copycatting us. Just when you think you’ve seen it all.”

We asked the Nose if he could give us some of the more popular bets.

“We’ve got a couple of lines that are doing really, really well. Our top bets are coming in on the duration of the convention before it gets shut down. Completion of the first day is going off at 5:2. Completion of the second day is going off at 10:1, and completion of the third day is at 80:1. The big bet now is the fourth day at 200:1. We are also getting a huge draw on the over/under,” snorted the Nose.

When questioned about the over/under of what, the Nose clued us in to a darker side of the betting.

“We have an over/under line on the amount of casualties that will be sustained in Cleveland during the convention. The over/under number is 2700, what with the open carry and the expected number of protesters. We also have a line on a Trump assassination. 5:2 on an attempt, 60:1 on a success. We’re hoping to make a butt-load of money on this. If we do, come on Philadelphia,” barked the Nose.

When we told him we thought this was in bad taste, the Nose remarked, “One man’s pain is another man’s pleasure.”

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