Kim Jong-un to Visit the United States

North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un in a mocked up photo provided by the DPRK News Service.
North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un in a mocked-up photo provided by the DPRK News Service.

Pyongyang, North Korea —  In an unprecedented announcement North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un has released a statement saying he plans to visit the U.S.

Normally the ultra-communist leader, whose anti-American views and human rights violations are known the world over, would never be allowed into the country.  His inflammatory actions and constant threats towards South Korea, The United States, and most of the rest of the world has made him one of the most dangerous and troubling problems ever. He has had a constant hate hate relationship with the U.S. ever since his rise to power in December of 2011 and there is definitely no love lost when it comes to these two great powers.

It seems that may all be changing in the near future. Ever since NBA superstar Dennis Rodman visited the tiny communist nation,  the supreme leader’s  unbridled hatred for anything American seems to be a thing of the past. In fact it would seem the two unlikely pals have developed the friendship.

After Rodman’s first visit the two hit it off so well that Rodman has visited North Korea six more times. Rodman has even gone so far as to call Kim Jong-un one of the most gracious hosts he has ever had. So it would be no surprise to find out that Rodman has decided to return the favor and invite Kim to his California estate for an undisclosed amount of time.

State Department official Chris Albine says a visit like this is unheard of and believes that Kim remains a constant threat to the U.S.

“He is one of the most dangerous men alive and we can’t afford to drop our guard,” said Albine, “but if Rodman were to vouch for the dictators good intentions and promise there wouldn’t be any trouble they would  allow this little play date. Rodman is quoted as saying ‘no problem,  little dude is like fam now. Ain’t nothing gonna jump off while I got this.’ That seems to be good enough for the State Department so its good enough for me.”

Hopefully this visit can help to pave the way to better relations between our two great nations. And its all thanks to such an unlikely friendship that reminds me of the classic tales from my youth like The Fox and the Hound or Step Brothers.

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