Kentucky's Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis is keeping the faith.
Kentucky’s Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis is keeping the faith.

Rowan County, NC — Nothing on God’s green earth could break Kim Davis, the Rowan County Clerk who bravely refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex deviants. Not jail time, not death threats from militant socialists, not even Lucifer himself could make Mrs. Davis go against her deeply held religious beliefs. Why? Because she knew that God’s authority is the supreme law of the land and no activist judge or Muslim tyrant could ever change that.

Since the dawn of creation, marriage has been a blessed union between one man and one woman. Savage liberals have failed to redefine the biblical definition of marriage for centuries, until one hellion by the name of Hussein Obama and a few of his activist/lackey judges made their evil fantasies a reality. When The Supreme Court ruled in favor of sodomy, the U.S. turned its back on God. Now in return, God has turned his back on America.

When Federal Judge David L. Bunning informed Mrs. Davis she was breaking the law, any and all doubt that a Christian genocide was taking place on our home soil was erased forever. Caught between the hammer and the anvil, Kim stood firm. Bunning declared Mrs. Davis a dissident aggressor and charged her with contempt, sending her to jail for her Christian beliefs.

Kim's husband Joe Davis speaks with the media
Kim’s husband Joe Davis speaks with the media

“My wife is hard as iron,” Kim’s husband Joe Davis told the Evening Star. “She is prepared to take on the world and go out all guns blazing. Some things are worth fighting for.” Asked about the protesters, Joe is not shy to give his opinion. “You’ve got another thing comin’ if you think I’m gonna let some libtard hurt my family,” he said, “If an Obamanite steps foot on my private property, some heads are gonna roll.”

Thankfully, Kim was supported by the vast majority of Americans. “Textbook persecution,” said K.K. Binks, Mrs. Davis’ personal hair stylist. “The redeemer of souls is watching the country go down in flames. Judas is rising under blood red skies.” Rob Tipton, local owner/operator at Delivering the Goods Trucking Co., recalled the media circus. “Our community was overrun by liberal fruitcakes. Girl on girl, guy on guy, those people had no moral compass at all,” he said.

Mrs. Davis also had some high profile supporters. Texas Senator Ted Cruz told The Sentinel, “Judicial lawlessness is running wild and has crossed into judicial tyrannyI still stand with Kim Davis.” Former Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal offered Kim his support. “I can understand the rage people of faith are feeling, but screaming for vengeance will not solve the problem. Yes, Kim received a raw deal, but through that travesty of justice we exposed the left’s bigotry and hate. United we stand…as defenders of the faith.”

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