Kid Rock Dumps Trump
Kid Rock Dumps Trump

Detroit, MI – Musician Kid Rock has entered the political ring earlier this year with his ringing endorsement of Republican nominee Donald Trump. Kid Rock even performed during the RNC as no other bands would do it. But, in a stunning turn, Kid Rock has dumped the Trump campaign. Instead endorsing Democrat rival Hillary Clinton. The move came as a complete surprise to Republican Trump supporters. Kid Rock spoke to Gish Gallop about his political change.

“I just cant dig Donald’s idea to go against abortion, hell I would have ten kids if it weren’t for the clinic,” laughed Kid Rock. “On top of that, who cares if gays get married? Let Takei live his life, man.”

The Clinton campaign did not acknowledge the endorsement, neither did her supporters. No one really cared except for the Republicans.

Beau Simpson, a Trump supporter and Kid Rock fan, is taking the news hard. We spoke to him in his yard, where he was burning Kid Rock cd’s.

“Cant believe this, first Hank, now Kid? They dont care about the Benghazi or the emails!” shouted Beau. “From now on Kid Rock is dead to me”.

The Trump campaign has been silent about the change of endorsement. We aren’t sure that they noticed Kid Rock is gone.

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