Washington D.C. — Last Monday, a small, conservative Washington DC group, known as WFF, or Women for Fascism, announced they would be nominating Kellyanne Conway for the 2021 Mother of the Year Awards, which has been held every year since 1935.

In 2020, the group, WFF, made a nomination for Mother of the Year that raised a few eyebrows when they nominated Ann Coulter, who has zero children and quite the checkered past. When asked for interviews regarding their mistake last year, not only did the group refuse to give any interviews, but some members even made online threats towards people who found their mistake to be humorous. Several members were eventually suspended from social media.

Ronnie Snyder, a 39-year-old mother of two and President of WFF, tells us why she decided Kellyanne should be nominated for this year’s award.

“Well, I saw an ad for that there Mother of the Year thing a few years ago, and I thought to myself, what woman do I know that has really done a lot for this country? Last year we didn’t really think it through real good, I know, I know, but this year we’ve had plenty of time to consider another nominee. Like I told Sandy and Karen the other day, I don’t know a woman more deserving than Kellyanne Conway. I honestly don’t. You know, she really did all she could for our President, Donald J. Trump, and boy, does she put up with some stuff at home! Do you know her husband is one of those left-wing Libtards? Oh, and to be safe, she’s got four kids!”

When asked if WFF was aware of the latest Conway scandal that involves nude photos of Kellyanne’s underage daughter, Claudia, being leaked online by her mother, Mrs. Snyder violently rolled her eyes.

“Oh right, it’s always something with that MSM fake news! What else happened? Let me guess, her kids are accusing her of abuse, too, right? Hell, I don’t know, ask Sandy, she’s on the Twitler,” she answered with a dismissive wave of her hand.

When asked the same question, Sandy Briggs, WFF Vice President, stated, “Yeah, well, we heard all about it, but like every other negative story in the media about our kind, we know it’s nothing but fake news. Why would Kellyanne have topless pictures of her own daughter anyhow? Isn’t that against the law? Kellyanne is an honest, god-fearing woman, and I think maybe her daughter is lying, or George Soros is paying people to do it for her. You can barely believe anything you hear anymore unless you’re a sheep, so if it’s a hateful, negative story about a conservative, we usually don’t pay no attention.”

After reading the three remaining criteria that a nominee should meet to both women, they were asked how Kellyanne Conway has met one of the requirements, which is, “Displaying the ability to strengthen family relationships.”

Both members of WFF had a momentary look of confusion before President Snyder finally spoke up.

“Well, honestly, I mean, shouldn’t she get an award anyway for not beating that kid of hers? We’ve been telling y’all that when you take God out of school and start sparing the rod, that the kids are going to get out of hand.”

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