Julian Assange On Hunger Strike Until his Gender Is Recognized


Assange has chosen the gender of male, and the sub gender of man
Assange has chosen the gender of male, and the sub gender of man

London, England — The founder of Wikileaks Julian Assange has begun a hunger strike and has vowed to not eat until his gender has been recognized. Assange has chosen the gender of male, and the sub gender of man.

According to Assange, his gender was assigned to him at birth, yet he still chose to keep it freely. He has begun speaking out against other gender assignments calling them, “a fad”.

Assange spoke to Gish Gallop during his hunger strike.

“I’m well and truly famished, are those bread crumbs on your shirt,” asked Assange. “I do not understand all of this foolishness of multiple genders, you are male or female, stop being little twits.”

Assange is referring to the new concept of choosing your own gender. Many people have chosen to assign themselves a different gender than what they were born with. Along with those genders comes a host of pronouns that people also identify with, as well as orientation. In many cases, people identify with more than one gender.

Assange is still holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London and he is also is wanted by the United States for espionage. It is unclear how long his hunger strike will continue or if his gender will ever be recognized.

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