Julian Assange has been offered political Asylum in Nevada City, CA.
Julian Assange has been accused of being involved in the recent Syrian chemical attack.

London, England — A disturbing report released early this week that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange was responsible for the recent chemical attacks in Syria has been debunked by Snopes.com. According to the report, which was widely distributed by mainstream media outlets, claimed that the controversial leaker was “instrumental in providing strategic planning to the Assad regime.”

“It is absolutely false and fabricated,” said Mr. Assange speaking from the balcony of the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where he’s been holdup for several years. “Wikileaks is a mechanism to maximize the flow of information to maximize the amount of action leading to just reform. We are not an instrument of evil. I, nor Wikileaks had any involvement with the Syrian catastrophe. This is clearly a story manufactured by my enemies to discredit me.”

Although Mr. Assange didn’t accuse the United States directly for the fake news release, sources close to the embattled leaker said that’s who he believes fabricated the story probably in conjunction with Britain’s spy agency MI5. Both countries have it in their interest to not only discredit Assange, but both also seek grounds to expel him from his current safe haven in the Ecuadorian embassy.

Last week, CNN reported that the justice department is ready to file charges against Mr. Assange. The charges would be in respect to the 2010 leak of confidential federal documents, and the recent release of CIA cyber warfare files. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said, in response to a question about Assange, that going after leakers, and putting them in jail, is a “priority.” CNN and others have reported that the Justice Department is already preparing charges against Assange.

It is unclear how this will impact Nevada City, CA’s recent offer to give him asylum.

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