Topeka, KS —  Topeka resident Harry Belter struck it rich selling a product that started as a joke. An ardent President Trump supporter, the out-of-work machinist started selling what he called “MAGA-wear” shortly after the 2016 election to help supplement his income. Unfortunately for the 43-year-old, his online clothing shop struggled as many others had cashed in on Mr. Trump’s rise to the oval office.

Then one day, Mr. Belter had a novel idea. “Why not sell farts in a jar?” He thought. And that’s what he started doing last summer.

“Well, they’re not Trump’s farts,” said Mr. Belter during a telephone interview, “they’re just filled with sulfur tabs. And to be safe, because I know President Trump likes to sue people, I call them MAGA-farts, not Trump farts. But people get a kick out of them anyway.”

At first, like his other products, the MAGA-farts sold slowly. Then, however, after a surprise retweet last week by conservative pundit and Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk, sales started booming.

“Suddenly, everyone wanted Trump’s farts, and I couldn’t keep up with the orders,” said a beaming Mr. Belter. “Hundreds. Hundreds of orders per hour. That’s how many I was getting. And then I ran out. I ran out of MAGA-farts in one day.”

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