Owens Valley, CA — In the final days of the Trump administration, the President released thousands of pages of once confidential documents outlining what he claims are “the Democrats plans to enslave our great people” into “communist gulags in California.”

The document dump, which many claims are not from sanctioned and reliable government agencies, outlines how the Obama administration explored the possibility of “containing reactionary elements” using “re-education centers.”

The 420 pages of heavily redacted memos, emails, and confidential documents suggest that starting in 2016, with help from the George Soros NGO People for Better Democracy, liberal leaders met in Bohemian Grove in Sonoma County, CA to discuss ways of “de-escalating the rising tide of right-wing extremism” in the United States. In document number 42420, apparently authored by former Clinton Administration officials, its authors outline the need to create “liberal democracy centers of excellence to contain and reform the fringe elements of the political body.”

The document also suggests that such proposals are controversial and that they could “exacerbate current political, sectarian acrimony” by increasing distrust in the government’s institutions if not tactfully implemented. This distrust, according to the document, would lead to civil unrest and potentially violence.

“We recognize that such programs more than likely will create strife in the reactionary strata of the electorate. However, if preserving the Republic is our top priority, then every effort must be made to remediate those who have fallen under the spell of national populists’ agendas.”

An addendum to 42420 includes detailed designs of the re-education camps, including amenities such as swimming pools, game arcades, 50amp RV hookups, and various operatories used for medical experimentation. Families would be kept together, but more vocal members might experience “brief separation if they choose to re-indoctrinate fellow family members,” according to the document.

A re-education camp under construction in nearby San Bernardino County, CA.
A re-education camp under construction in nearby San Bernardino County, CA.

In what seems to be an usual cooperation between the government and corporate America, Burger King is mentioned more than once in several memos, suggesting that the 2nd place burger chain is interested in supplying camp residents’ fast food needs.

When reached for comment, Biden spokesperson Kelley R. Kelly said he has no comment on the re-education camps and said that nothing is off the table when it comes to saving the United States. This left critics and other paranoids concerned that the Democrats plan on locking up some 70 million Trump supporters.

“It couldn’t be any clearer,” said founder Dosen Harrold, the founder and leader of Forever Trump, a pro-Donald Trump political action committee responsible for various right-wing protests in and around Toledo, Ohio. “The Demonrats[sic] are going to lock MAGA up. The heart of the nation is at stake, and the liberal elites know they can’t keep us down. If they think they’re going to corral us into FEMA camps, they got a real surprise in store for them.”

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