It appears that Alex Jones and his conspiracy-driven network are under investigation.
It appears that Alex Jones and his conspiracy-driven network are under investigation.

Washington D.C.- There’s a war on for your mind. At least that is what Alex Jones, founder of would like for you to believe.

Special Counsel Mueller this Friday stated that InfoWars -the “truther” website known for its ridiculously overbearing host, Alex Jones will now be placed under investigation for aiding and abetting the Trump Administration’s collusion with Russian ties in order to create a smear campaign against Hilary Clinton, which experts say helped Trump win the 2016 election.

Light was shed on this new connection between InfoWars and the White House by Micheal Flynn, who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI on Friday, December 1st, 2017 to which he began to assist in the investigation over a plea deal.  Flynn claimed that InfoWars is the Trump team’s mouthpiece to the disenfranchised average American male who owns more guns than a local Armory Dealer.

InfoWars demographic audience is known to take everything Alex Jones says as gospel.  Only able to spread the unwarranted and absolute truth -or so they claim- Jones uses his show to convince fence-sitters and people with low IQs that listen in on the InfoWars radio program about many conspiracy theories (read: inane babbling) surrounding topics like police state, vaccines, drones, military operations, deep state surveillance, the “liberal agenda”, and other crazy things akin to what that one guy in your Facebook group that always shares flat earth memes.

Knowing that his audience is fooled easily, Jones voices the audacious claims against Clinton daily.  With InfoWars plugging away on the Internet, radio, and television appearances fans of the show eat up every word.  Jones gained the false information from Donald Trump Jr. who received it from the Russian contacts after meeting with them at the Trump Tower, or as the Trump family refers to it, Tower of Doom [insert villainous cackling here].

Sources from Special Counsel Mueller indicate that Jones even helped create the “fake news” dichotomy that has led to the Internet being awash in blogs containing nothing but opinions, lies, manufactured character assassinations, and conspiracy theories.  Scrolling through your Facebook feed has never been so stressful, thanks to these new crops of “fake news” websites spreading over the Internet like a virus.

Jones is not alone, however.  Dan Bidondi, InfoWars “Reporter,” who’s been called the Rhode Island Stalker in many online forums for his trolling behavior, is quick to spread the InfoWars “fake news” to gullible Internet users and/or Trump supporters.  The correlation between Trump’s tweets and InfoWars updates can be seen in real-time as Trump tweets about all the things he fails to understand, as seen here:

As Special Counsel Mueller uncovers clear evidence of Aiding and Abetting Collusion, Treason, and Obstruction of Justice indictments will be handed out to Jones, Bidondi, and the rest of the InfoWars team that assisted in these crimes.  What do we do in the meantime?  Crack open a cold one and enjoy the fire that consumes the administration as they flail wildly before immolating into ashes.

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