Lansing, MI — Alex Jones has proven that you can count a man down, but not out. After being sued, kicked off of social media, and losing almost all of his media distribution. Alex has hit the comeback button.

Infowars has long been touted as a titan in the sales field. Everything from food buckets to nutritional supplements. Jones has bet the farm on a new tinfoil technology that he claims, “will cure the Rona.” The new alloy tinfoil allegedly can destroy viruses on contact though that claim is still under investigation.

Not all of Jones’s followers are satisfied with the product. Harold Buckner, a self-described “Woke AF MF’er,” has filed a formal complaint against Jonestown Windustries, stating that since wearing the mask, his hair will only grow out as a mullet. But it gave him a “bitchin stache,” according to Buckner.

We reached out to Jones regarding the website; we received this written reply.

“While we typically do not comment on frivolous lawsuits brought against us by the lizard people. We felt we needed to keep our good name. Buckner is part of the globalist conspiracy connected to silent dog farts that have infiltrated our government at its highest level!”

So far, sales are booming, according to Jones. You can get a three-pack for $49.95 or 3 easy installments of $19.95 at Just make sure you only go to the merch page, as looking at the actual website causes cancer.

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