Brentwood, CA — Local citizens are outraged at an area horse named Stevie Ray for consistently voting nay in local elections. Stevie Ray made national news two years ago when he was granted citizenship after saving a family from a house fire. Ever since becoming a citizen, Stevie Ray has voted in every local election.

Brentwood, California city councilman Karen Haircomplaint spoke to Gish Gallop about Stevie Ray.

“That pessimistic bastard ruined everything!” said Haircomplaint. “I had a sweet tax abatement deal for my bike shop up for a vote… not after that four-legged asshole had the deciding vote, wouldn’t you know it… Nay!”

The angry citizens do have a legitimate gripe, however. Stevie Ray has voted 24 times, with each vote a Nay. But Stevie Ray does have some local support.

Carla Cummers, a local activist, lounge singer, and water flotation therapy specialist, had some positive things to say about him.

“I think it is wonderful that they rewarded him with citizenship. I wish my 36 cats could have that dignity. They deserve it,” commented Cummers. “So what if he votes nay all the time? As long as he votes with his conscience, who can fault him?”

Some angry citizens have started a petition to strip Stevie Ray of his rights as a citizen. The petition has rallied all Stevie Ray’s supporters, who have come out in force on social media. They have come up with an anti-petition slogan, “Say Nay for Stevie Ray!”

We reached out to Stevie Ray for an interview, to which he replied, “Nay.”

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