Washington D.C. — Following several attacks by Trump on FOX News, tensions hit an all-time high between President Trump and the conservative-leaning news network. For months its pundits and analysts have been willing to toe the party line claiming everything bad happening in the country isn’t a problem.

But the relationship breaking point happened when Trump got upset at FOX News hiring people that he did not personally approve.

Sure, Fox News’ daily mouth Sean Hannity could throw out a Yeti Cooler. He could give up his Keurig coffee maker. But this was his money and his profits at stake. I don’t know the exact quote but an anonymous source said Hannity’s response was “Oh No he didn’t. Bitch be tripping.” An unusual reaction but it was following a “Keeping up with the Kardashians” Season 12 marathon that week on FOX.

Next came a series of tweets and quotes attacking the president on everything. The unrelenting scorched Earth No Fs given assault would begin.

Hannity said, “willingness to meet with North Korea is one of the most disturbing displays” and a “lack of foreign policy experience.”

Everyone else was saying this already, but it comes from one of Trump’s unquestioning supporters was in his mind even worse. Everyone else thought that Trump was too dumb to negotiate with North Korea. After all, Kim read the Art of the deal. Assuming he was the Amazon poster KimJong-unNK had a very scathing review.

“I spent more time reading this book than Trump has spent reading in High School and Wharton combined,” continued Hannity.  “The only thing dumber then this book is a belief that Trump had anything to do with it other than Trump putting his name on the front of it like he does his properties.”

Probably one of the most biting remarks was when Hannity tweeted this attacking Trump’s love of golfing and Americans paying his Mar-A-Lago resort when he goes golfing:

“Glad our arrogant Pres. is enjoying his taxpayer-funded golf outing after announcing the US should take military action against Syria”.

There is nothing that offends Hannity more than when a President goes golfing, and the American people are forced to pay the bill.

A Bridge Too Far

But the thing was a bridge too far is when Hannity was calling out Trump’s use of executive orders.

HANNITY: “We’re not going to be — use signing statements as a way to do an end-run around Congress.”

Hannity was just getting started here.

HANNITY: I think he’s usurping power from the Congress, separation of powers, co-equal branches of government. And Senator John McCain has been a vocal critic of you, as have others. Why hasn’t the Republican Party united on — this is a constitutional principle.
If you think that Republicans were off-limits from the wrath of Hannity, you are mistaken. It is go time. “It’s arrogant, elitist, enablers like you that never hold R’s accountable that created the opening for Trump!!” and “Where were you dumbass when in 2014 R’s said the would stop Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional exec amnesty?”

But generally, all fights like this end with the beta male whimpering away and then kissing up to whoever has the most power. Maybe Hannity will write glowing articles and fan fiction for Trump like Ted Cruz does. Maybe he will completely ignore any principle he claimed to have like Lindsay Graham does. One thing is for sure. When people like Hannity get told by the billionaires that own them, they fall in line.

This is all Hannity had to say when asked about the latest tirade on Twitter.
“I spend little time on Twitter,” replied Hannity, who has penned nearly 32,000 tweets over seven years. “But I have fun mixing it up.”

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