Trump supporters exhibited homo-erotic tendencies at yesterday's Simi Valley rally.
Trump supporters exhibited homo-erotic tendencies at yesterday’s Simi Valley rally.

Simi Valley, CA — More than 18,000 Donald Trump supporters from across Southern California gathered in the conservative hamlet of Simi Valley yesterday, and immediately began to sublimate homosexual impulses and desires with carefully chosen words design to maintain an air of what would appear to be Platonic camaraderie.

Orange County resident Dave “Bull” Stallworth, a self-proclaimed “red meat conservative” who’s “tired of politicians telling him what to do,” was not shy about his support for the crypto-fascist leanings of the 45th President, nor his use of overly homo-erotic amorous language used to describe his hero.

“Donald Trump is a man,” said Mr. Stallworth following the rally. “He’s not afraid to stick it up Obama’s ass and the others who have betrayed this country. He’s huge and he’s going to give it to anyone who gets in his way. And us Trump supporters get to watch.”

Psychologoligists can this sublimation, which is a mature type of defense mechanism where socially unacceptable impulses or “idealizations” are unconsciously transformed into socially acceptable actions or behavior. It  typically results in a long-term conversion of the initial impulse. Sublimation, unlike the more recognizable ‘over-compensation’ where a person overtly exaggerates their insecurities with large trucks or extensive gun collections, is more subtle and less a conscious activity.

According to rally organizers, approximately 63% of the attendees were male, and of that number, 42% were unemployed with a high school diploma. Several attendees pointed to Trump’s strongman qualities and endless stream of “unpolitically correct” one-liners about why they find him so attractive.

“He tells it like it is,” said William Galebrete of Tustin, CA who traveled to see the Donald. “He’s not going to let the eggheads ram shit down our throats anymore. I’m tired of taking it that way. America is tired of these uppity assholes. Mr. Trump talks like me and everyone else here. He’s huge, strong and he’s going to bring these college types to their knees and show them who’s boss.”

Psychologists who have been tracking the Donald Trump administration encourage his followers to release their repressed desires in more productive and healthier ways.

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