It doesn’t fucking matter. You are being stupid.

I hate to break it to you so kindly, but Hillary Clinton has no effect on your life whatsoever, unless you include the countless hours you spend on social media whimpering, simpering and quivering about her.

Trump is the president, and none of your woes are likely to change that. So as you cuddle into your flannel man-pillow, think about how damn happy you are to be so damn unhappy for something that just ain’t happening. The chick you hate, Hillary Clinton, she lost the election. If I didn’t know you better I’d think you were obsessed with the bitch who’s basically archived in the annals of marble halls past.

Alright, who are we kidding? You are fucking obsessed. It’s easy to see why you are raving and drooling about Hillary Clinton. If she weren’t a godforsaken Democrat  you would praise her for her Aryan looks and her ability to look the other way while an intern pours her dear husband coffee.

You gotta admit, you don’t hate her. That affectation of hatred is a last-ditch attempt to avoid giving in to your infatuation with the insignificant lady. Studies have also shown that you would fuck her if nobody knew.

What’s that? You have a bone to pick with Obama now?

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