Washington D.C. — Representatives from the Hillary Clinton camp are putting out feelers to see how receptive people would be to a 2020 run for the Presidency. Many of her former donors are willing to pony up more cash for another run for the White House, but will her former supporters feel the same way?

Many of Hillary’s supporters felt alienated by her sudden disappearance from her campaign H.Q. on election night after she conceded the election.

21-year-old supporter Breanna Salena said, “I like, don’t know and stuff. She is popular and like, but she let us down, like, when we, like, needed her the most and stuff. You know?”

Many of her opponents supporters think she should be imprisoned instead of talking about another Presidential bid.

“Benghazi. She should be in jail for that and her foundation taking money from foreign donors,” said 35-year-old Trump supporter Tom Allega. “Did I mention Benghazi, you know because Benghazi. [Editor’s note: there was a 23 second pause as Mr. Allega seemed to be gathering his thoughts] Then there’s Benghazi.”

Hillary herself said behind closed doors that she wanted another shot at that “orange bastard,” obviously meaning President Trump. Hillary said that as the Supreme Ruler she can bridge the divide that has opened in our country.

Still, some are questioning whether Clinton has lost her mind after her loss to Trump after a well-publicized incident where she ran over a Nevada County Gish Gallop writer. Several insiders say that many of her servants refer to her as “her highness,” but those reports have not been confirmed. It may not be possible for her to run again if her mental stability is called in to question.

Only time will tell if her legions of supporters would come to her side for another run.

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