Monroe, TX — A day after a terrible, tragic shooting that claimed the lives of fifty people, the demand for a popular horse breed has skyrocketed. High Horses are typically purchased by those with the highest morality and superior intelligence. High horse riders know what is best for the country and how to fix our problems.

Gish Gallop spoke with Ed of Ed’s High Horse sales about who his customer base consists of.

“Well, it seems political affiliation is not a deciding factor. We get Liberals and Conservatives in here to buy”, said Ed. “Usually, they just think they are right, and nothing you can say will sway their opinions. It’s a darn shame that these tragedies are what drive my sales up”.

The high horse breed goes back to the biblical days. They stand taller than any other horse, so more people can hear what the rider says. The high horses are specially trained to whinny loudly whenever someone tries to talk to their rider. High horses are also long-lived, living as old as most humans. Humans and high horses are often companions for life.

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