Stone Mountain, GA — The terrorist hate group known as the KKK or Ku Klux Klan is making headlines again, this time for something you would never expect. In a surprise move, the members have voted to wear rainbow-colored robes and hoods at their next protest.

The move comes on the heels of massive protesting by the clan against the Black Lives Matter movement. Starting in late May, the KKK launched its “Reach Out” protest campaign in an attempt to shore-up its member base. Their protests mainly went uncovered by mainstream media, except for several spots on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson’s evening show uncreatively called “Trucker Carlson Tonight.”

And despite receiving tacit praises from President Trump and the white-centric “All Lives Matter” movements, the KKK has been steadily losing popularity and has found it increasingly difficult to lure in new members. Stone Mountain, Georgia Grand Dragon Dale “Bob” Jones, gave us insight into the change of heart.

“Well, we figured why not let the sodomists, I mean the gays, into the group. The white ones only, of course. We are hurting for new blood; I mean that. Our flock needs fresh DNA to raise the next generation of superior beings”.

This isn’t the first time the terrorist group has deployed an outreach program. In the early 1970s, following the last civil rights uprising, the KKK attempted to soften its image with a “Have a Nice Day” moniker embroidered on the back of its robes. That gestured was widely criticized at the time and the organization stopped the campaign.

And early 1970s campaign designed to improve the hate group's public opinion was widely criticized.
And early 1970s campaign designed to improve the hate group’s public opinion was widely criticized. Photo credit: Hedley Lamarr, Rockridge Tribune

According to Jones, he wants to use the LGBTQ community as a recruiting ground for the KKK. It is bound to be a hard sell to the community, who has had to fight the likes of the KKK just to exist.

Thomas J. Babcock, the leader of the Atlanta-based Georgia LGBTQ Action Group, gave us his thoughts on the KKK’s move to recruit from the gay community.

“I only now just stopped laughing,” said Mr. Babcock, reflecting on that hate group’s actions. “Who the hell does that mouth breather think he is? We wouldn’t have sex with racist women even if they had d*cks! No, just a resounding NO, we will punch those racist f#$!s if we see them in rainbow garb!”

It’s unclear whether the group will continue the controversial outreach program at this time.

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