Hank Williams III, disgusted over Father's endorsement of Clinton
Hank Williams III, disgusted over Father’s endorsement of Clinton

Dallas, TX — Just days after Hank Williams Jr. endorsed¬†Hillary Clinton, his fan base has turned on him and have been harassing him on social media. Hank Jr. has had to cancel two shows in the past week due to slumping ticket sales and protests outside of the concert venues. But his troubles did not stop there.

Hank Williams III, the son of Hank Jr. has come out with a scathing statement in which he disowned his father for turning his back and giving his support to Hillary Clinton.

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This statement was received by Gish Gallop from Hank¬†III’s personal assistant.

“Of all the cowardly things to do, to turn you’re back on fans and country! You are no longer my father, maybe you can adopt Hillary!”

Shortly after the statement was released Hank Jr. spokesman Tim Bocephus granted a phone interview to Gish Gallop to discuss how Hank was dealing with all the controversy.

“Well, it has drove Hank back to drinking again, he never thought the backlash would be so severe,” said a distraught Bocephus. “It was one thing to lose fan support, but to lose a son has been devastating to Hank. He has hidden away in the basement and hasn’t come out since this all went public. Kid Rock couldn’t even talk him out.”

Gish Gallop advises fans to check the concert schedule for cancellations as Hank Jr. has not been seen in days. Many music festivals are considering dropping him from their line-ups.