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Grandma Under Fire for Serving National Socialist Cookies

Toledo, OH — Retired grandmother Mildred Fischer of Toledo, OH is coming under fire after she served what she called  “heritage” cookies to her church friends following the service at Westerbridge Presbyterian Church this past Sunday. The 68-year-old Ms. Fischer has been serving these”Nationalist Socialist” cookies to her friends and family for over 47 years.

“Oh, I’ve been serving me for a long time,” said Ms. Fischer during a Gish Gallop telephone interview. “My mother baked them when we lived in Germany and I’ve kept the tradition going.”

According to Ms. Fischer, she is getting more requests for her famous Third Reich baking skills.

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“Well, ever since this Trump fella started running for office, I’ve been getting a lot more compliments about my cookies,” continued Ms. Fischer. “Just the other week, I was asked to bake 4 dozen for this local club called the Traditionalist Youth Network here in town. Nice group of young men. All clean-cut and polite. I wish more youngsters like that.”

When asked if she understood what her cookies symbolized, Ms. Fischer seemed puzzled.

“Heavens, they are important to my family and our history,” Ms. Fischer continued seeming a bit flustered. “It’s about tradition although I have to be honest, my daughter said she didn’t want to continue the tradition, which is disappointing. But there are plenty of people out there who love them, so I will continue to bake them as long as I can.”

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