New York City A new report from the Media Research Center (MRC) found that billionaire globalist George Soros, through his Open Society Foundations, secretly gave nearly a quarter of a billion dollars to progressive (prog) rock groups over the past few decades.

Through a complex maze of underground back channels, Soros has been systematically and methodically supporting militant prog rockers with free studio time, musical gear, touring vans, and marketing funds.

The German/American prog-rock quartet, Atomic Reichlich, which bills itself as “utopian agitators,” has received funding from Soros despite previous denials that it accepted a pair of Schecter guitars and PA equipment from the Hungarian-born leftist.

Tax forms obtained by the patriot hacktivist group, Hacktical Oath, reveal that Mr. Soros and his two adult children, Jonathan and Andrea Soros, contributed a total of $125,000 to Atomic Reichlich and their management company, Leftoverture Alliance.

The band’s producer, Robert Waters, confirmed to Gish Gallop that the $125,000 was indeed a gift from Soros. “He likes their music and wanted to support the group,” said Waters, “it’s as simple as that.”

Conservatives are questioning Waters’ sincerity and say the real reason Soros is bankrolling bands like Atomic Reichlich is to recruit pretentious young prog rockers and their elitist fan base to help institute a globalist world order.

“This guy is a spider with lots of webs,” GOP strategist Keith Wakeman told Infowars. “He controls numerous progressive rock groups. We’ve seen it internally with Atomic Reichlich. This is what he does.”

Atomic Reichlich will get the chance to spread Soros’ globalist message when it takes the stage at ProgPower USA this September in Atlanta, GA.

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