Sacramento, CA — In a last-minute press conference to address the recent contagious disease outbreaks, California Governor Gavin Newsom has proposed a solution to deal with the Anti-Vaccination or Anti-Vax movement.

“Reminiscent of yesteryear,” said Governor Newsom from the state capitol building, “when like-minded people gathered together in territories designated to allow them to exercise their rights as American citizens and move about their community without risking the health and freedoms of their neighbors. Like lepers before them, these Americans will be afforded the luxury of a beautiful landscape far from the rest of civilization in which to raise their children unencumbered by public health requirements.”

The proposal outlines the Governor’s plan to provide a district or “colony” on American soil where anti-vaxxers would be free to keep their offspring pure, inviting any number of viral epidemics from the Middle Ages through the 1950s without suffering the scorn and judgment of those with opposing belief systems.

The proposal comes as a relief to many anti-vaxxers who feel that while the state has no business forcing vaccines on their children, it should support those who feel ostracized by public opinion.

Some Citizens Concerned

“I don’t believe the government should be involved in my children’s medical decisions,” said Lisa Fellows of Nevada City, CA. “Honestly, I prefer homeschooling, and I have homeschooled in the past! I guess if we are excluded, then the state will have to provide a teacher for us at home, or even better, a new home where I won’t be subjected to name-calling and bullying because I don’t have the same opinion as you do.”

Wendy Dixon, another concerned mother, had this to say.

“Leper colonies have a bad rap. What could be better than a secluded community where people could practice good hygiene and organic living–the key to avoiding devastating epidemics. I’m all for it. Let’s go!”


Working with Senator Richard Pan, Newsom has already assigned a task force designated to scout a location for the colony, tentatively dubbed “McCarthyville,” after the movement’s spearheading celebrity, Jenny McCarthy. Task Force leader Quentin Cunningham briefed reporters on their progress.

“Currently, we’re looking at a former leper colony location in Kalawao County, HI, more remote sections of the Mohave Desert, and a relatively expansive plot of land in Antarctica, assuming, of course, we gain approval from the Antarctic Treaty System. We’re hopeful that a few of the other countries involved in the treaty have similar quarantine needs, and we can work on this together. ”

This action from the Sacramento upset President Trump, given he’s made some off-the-cuff comments on the matter. As recently as 2017, he said, “the science is inconclusive” regarding an alleged link between autism and vaccines.

When asked about this, the President replied, “I’m not a scientist. However, I have personally reached out to my friend Dr. Andrew Wakefield in England, researching this kind of stuff. I’ve offered him the position of the government Head of Medicine to keep an eye on California. There’s some wacky stuff going on out there, let me tell you.”

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