Scott “Scooter” Schneider, who came up with the brilliant idea for CannaCaching

Grass Valley, CA — If you have been swept up in the Pokemon Go craze, you are going to love the new geocaching game that has swept northern California like wild-fire.

CannaCaching is very similar to the popular Pokemon search game. You use your smart phone to locate planted prizes. The difference? The only monsters you might find are monster sized cannabis buds. Yes, you heard that correctly. Cached primo California cannabis.

Gish Gallop was able to get an exclusive interview with the Floridian, Scott “Scooter” Schneider, who came up with the brilliant idea for CannaCaching. “You are from Florida,” I began, “how did you come up with this idea?”

“We were on vacation in Napa. You know, doing the winery tours,” Scooter began. “One friend jokingly suggested we take a drive to Humboldt or Nevada counties and do the cannabis tours. We all laughed and agreed that would be fun. Four bottles of wine later, the cannabis tour was sounding really good.”

“The best ideas always come with a belly full of wine, right?” I chuckled. “How did you get access to the cannabis farms?”

“I have a friend in the business,” Scooter said with a smile, laying a finger aside his nose. “We were checking out the fields, sampling the produce (he shot me a wink), and getting the cliff notes on growing top shelf cannabis, all the while checking our phones for any local Pokemon. I used to really enjoy geocaching, and then it hit me. What if we did geocaching with phat cannabis buds? Everybody’s eyes lit up like the bowl we were hitting. How cool would that be?”

“So, you came up with the idea, how did you make it reality?” I asked.

“I have always been really good with computers as are several of my good friends,” Scooter boasted. “The programs for geocaching have been done to death. All we had to do was look at those programs and take what we liked and leave the rest. Our App was up and running in two days. We cached about two pounds of good Cali chronic, divided up into quarter ounces, and handed out flyers in Grass Valley and Nevada City. People would read our flyer and take off running. It just freaking exploded. The next day, it looked like Woodstock around there. We had to leave because we were afraid we wouldn’t be able get out-of-town. We were like rock stars.” [laughing]

“It must have been quite a shock how quickly this venture took off,” I said, “How many apps have been downloaded?”
“We just went over the 2 million mark yesterday,” Scooter blurted to fist bumps all around, “We have people in every state in America playing, as well as people in 27 countries around the world, and the people are loving it. It’s amazing.”

“Does this success give you the itch to find the next big thing?” I asked.

“Not really,” Scooter said. “We really think that our game is the beginning of a bigger picture. A picture where cannabis is finally legalized in America. The government doesn’t want people to have safe, legal access to cannabis, but they sure want to reach their grubby hands deep into our newly filled pockets. We’ll probably start a campaign for legalization next.”

All of the players Gish Gallop spoke with are having a blast playing CannaCache. Check your App store to get your own CannaCache App and get out there and score some stash.

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