Weather genius Giovanni Paolo
Weather genius Giovanni Paolo

North San Juan Ridge, CA — There appears to be a door-to-door meat selling bonanza happening in Nevada County. Area patent troll and weather genius Giovanni Paolo recently admitted to Gish Gallop that he sells a series of quality Omaha steaks to the residents of North San Juan and Camptonville. Along with his high quality meats, he sells a variety of “exotic” local animal proteins as well.

“My door to door business has been very successful through carefully building up my client base via word of mouth,” said an exuberant Mr. Paolo in an exclusive Gish Gallop interview. “It’s simple really. My meat tastes the best and is sourced locally from natural and organic farms. I offer cuts that housewives crave. I also have no problem bartering my meat for products and services. It’s working out great except for the one time I accepted a fake Gucci ladies hand bag for 20 lbs pounds of skirt steak. I now have a strict no Gucci bag for meat policy.”

According to Lee Corneys of Grass Valley, Mr. Paolo attempted to sell meat in his Grass Valley neighborhood a few months back, but he managed to chase him away.

“This guy was driving through our neighborhood and stopped in front of my house,” said Lee¬†Corneys of Rhode Island Street. “You know, one of those meat from the trunk of a car guys came by after ‘delivering to my neighbor.’ Yeah, right. Anyhow, I lied and told him we were a vegan household. Got rid of him quick!”

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