Jacksonville, FL — A Jacksonville father of three took to Facebook late this week to claim that the mass media was responsible for the COVID death of his 14-year-old son Tyler. Dirk Donnington claims that the “liberal media” is responsible for his son’s death and that he plans on suing, CNN, the Washington Post, MSNBC, the New York Times, and the Jacksonville Autotrader, the latter for an unrelated reason.

“All you have to do is watch Tucker (Fox News’ Tucker Carlson) to understand what’s going on,” claimed Mr. Donnington, speaking with the Jacksonville Register. “I mean, all this coronavirus stuff is so fake. You know, put on by the communist media to destroy our great country and our great President. It’s my son today, and yours tomorrow.”

Earlier this month, The Donnington family attended something called a “COVID party” sponsored by the Florida Republicans for Trump action committee. The purpose of the gathering, which featured southern food, country music, and a Jeff Foxworthy imitator, was to deliberately infect all of the participants with the coronavirus to, in the words of organizer Daphne Carrols, “raise natural herd immunity to the China Virus.”

“Although the loss of Tyler deeply saddens us, we stand by our decision to stand up against tyranny and Democrat oppression during these challenging times,” said Ms. Carrols speaking on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program Friday night. “It’s so obvious what’s going in with the masks, this comet and the masks and China virus and George Soros. I could go on for an hour. The bottom line is this is all part of the Mark of the Beast.”

Jacksonville health officials were adamant that young Tyler’s death was due to complications caused by COVID-19 and not by the news media. They had no comment regarding Mr. Donnington’s lawsuit, which mentions the local Department of Health.

“We don’t like to comment on legal cases pending,” said Jacksonville’s public health officer Bethany Millbright. “But we can say that news media outlets can not kill you. They can only contribute to your bad sense of taste and your ability to communicate with others in a respectful, good-faith way.”

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