Fresno, CA — A group of Flat Earth activists have called on President Trump to stop using the word “globalists” in his political rhetoric. The term “globalists,” according to the Fresno-based Flat Earth Experts, implies that the Earth is a globe, which goes against their tenets.

“Look, during his campaign, President Trump promised to expose the globetard conspiracy theories,” said Erik Blondonovich, president of the Fresno Thinkers Flat Earth Experts. “And so far, he’s been wasting his time fighting chemtrails and the fake news media. We’re calling on President Trump to stop promoting the real fake news of globalism by not using the word globalism.”

Donald Trump has made no such promises to expose the Flat Earth truther, as its believers maintain. However he has toured chemtrail facilities and promised to end those programs.

In the Internet era, the proliferation of communications technology and social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter have given individuals, famous or otherwise, a platform to spread pseudo-scientific ideas and build stronger followings. The flat-Earth conjecture has flourished in this environment, unchallenged by science and evidence.

The Trump/NASA Connection

“NASA has been fabricated since minute one to keep this under wraps. The sun and the moon and the stars and the planets are just part of a light show no different than a planetarium,” continued Mr. Blondonovich. “The fact that Mike Pence has embraced NASA, is very concerning for us Flat Earthers. Gravity is fake. Space is fake. Climate change is fake. And now we’re worried that Trump is fake.”

The White House did immediately not return requests for comment.

[Updated: 3:59PM PDT]

According to Mr. Blondonovich, he has received a secret communicade from the White House via the website 4Chan, anti-deep state activists known QAnon stating “The President is simply using the ‘globalist’ term to throw off his enemies, as he often does. He gets his enemies comfortable and then he, ‘lets them have it.’

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