Angela Merkel is rumored to be Director of the new Railway Project.
Angela Merkel is rumored to be Director of the new Railway Project.

New York, NY — A press release by the United Nations earlier today revealed plans for a global transportation system that runs on a high-speed railway.  It will be an inter-continental train that can take hundreds of passengers over the land and sea in a matter of hours without the use of fossil fuels.  A mixture of solar, wind and hydroelectric power will power the entire railway system with power stations set up at set intervals in select nations that have allegedly volunteered to house the new power stations.

Angela Merkel is rumored to be heading this new project.

With her concern for future energy development and the current migrant crisis, Merkel proposed that this Inter-Continental Railway will assist in representing to the world a milestone in the path towards progress and freedom for the global community.  Leaked audio from the meeting at the UN HQ of Merkel speaking in regards to the Railway, “…and this new train and its success will stand as a testament to the strength of humanity when we work together.  With its construction, we will be systematically deconstructing the dark ages from which we are still emerging by promoting clean energy and attempting to eliminate racism by normalizing cultural differences in the day to day lives of global citizens…”

The one catch to this new Inter-Continental Railway is that there are no plans to include the USA what so ever.  With the tension on the streets, and the new president scaring off the majority of the global community with his attitude, decisions, and way he talks to people the U.N. unanimously voted to exclude the United States of America from the rest of the world’s new train system out of safety concerns.  With domestic terrorism growing right here in the nation and the leadership not lifting a finger to stop it or even condemn it properly, it was a landslide vote of 192 out of 193 that voted for the exclusion of the USA from the Inter-Continental Railway.

A team of high-profile American Corporate CEO’s are considering opening up a class-action lawsuit against the president for slandering the United States to the point of global isolation, as it hurts business leading to potentially billions of dollars in lost profits.  Businesses included in the class-action lawsuit against the White House would be General Electric, Merck & Co., General Motors, Comcast, Microsoft, etc…

Only time will tell if the global political climate changes and the rest of the world feel safe opening their borders back up to the United States of America in the future.

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