FDR to be on latest EBT Card design.
FDR to be on latest EBT Card design.

Washington, DC — Electronic benefit transfer or EBT cards as they are more popularly known, will be embossed with an image of the 32nd President of the United States Franklin D. Roosevelt, according to United States Department of Agriculture deputy secretary Krysta Harden. The move, which is seen by Trump supporters as a remnant Obama Administration’s attempt to “fundamentally change” the culture of the United States, is scheduled to be completed sometime this summer. But not if President Trump has his way.

President Donald Trump immediately called the redesign by the Obama Administration a “politically correct ploy” to get the “poor vote.”

“Well the EBT cards had a great history and I think it’s very rough when you put somebody on the card with such an obviously politically correct thing,” Trump said on NBC’s Today Show this morning. “FDR had a history of tremendous screw-ups for the country. His policies have gotten us to where America is today. And it’s ain’t great. Not great at all.”

“With the recent announcement that Harriet Tubman will be replacing President Andrew Jackson on the $20 note,” said Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said reading from a prepared statement, “the President has asked other parts of his administration to considering removing outmoded and controversial figures from official government currency. And although we understand Electronic benefit transfer cards have never displayed prominent historical figures. President Trump doesn’t think FDR is an appropriate person for the EBT card.”

According to USDA, the Obama administration spent almost two years selecting the new EBT design. And although most States have their own unique design, Ms. Sanders said this was yet another example of President Obama trying to force the States to choose the FDR-EBT cards via executive order.

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